A $32 million construction project to support a Compass data center near Dallas is nearing completion.

The project is a partnership between Compass Datacenters and Schneider Electric.

“The cutting-edge 103,000-square-foot facility, located near Compass Datacenters’ Red Oak campus, is designed to integrate modular data center solutions and build pre-engineered, prefabricated IT infrastructure which will be delivered to Schneider’s United States customers,” according to a news release.

Construction teams recently celebrated the “topping out” of the facility, meaning the construction has reached its full height and the focus will now be primarily on the interior of the building.

In a Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation filing, Compass Datacenters indicates the project is scheduled to end in April.

“In recent years, supply chain issues have been a struggle for businesses worldwide,” the news release reads. “Long-time partners Schneider Electric and Compass Datacenters recently joined forces to develop a solution. They engaged general contractor Brasfield & Gorrie to build a new state-of-the-art integration facility in Red Oak, Texas, supporting the growing demand for prefabricated modular data centers.”

Compass also owns a data center in Allen. Schneider announced in July the facility will create more than 100 jobs.

“This first-of-its-kind industry collaboration reflects the changing dynamics of data center supply chains and the competitive need for more tightly integrated vendor/supplier partnerships,” Compass CEO Chris Crosby said in the announcement. “The integration facility will assemble and deliver power centers for Compass facilities and will enhance our supply chain reliability, speed to market and delivery schedule integrity.”

The model is designed to maximize speed and cost savings to serve customers in a number of sectors, including healthcare, telecommunication, mining, and education.

“We are industry leaders because our manufacturing and integration facilities provide the space, technology, and agility to enhance production velocity while nurturing novel business models, such as this partnership with Compass,” said the president of Schneider North America, Aamir Paul, in the announcement. “This modern approach we’re pursuing supports both organizations’ goals and serves as a guidepost for vendor and industry partnerships others can follow.”

Compass Datacenters is based in Dallas.