The Dallas Express attended Thursday evening’s ‘Urgent Civil Defense Training: Be Prepared for Disasters’ event, where featured speaker Ammon Blair addressed some of the transnational threats facing Texas and the United States.

Citizens Defending Freedom of Collin County hosted the June 20 event at the Spring Creek Conference Center on Collin College’s Plano campus.

Blair is an Army veteran with 22 years of service to his country. During his last duty assignment, he was an infantry platoon leader for Operation Lone Star.

In addition to his military service, Blair worked as a Border Patrol agent in the Rio Grande Valley sector for 10 years. He has also provided consulting services to Omni Intelligence and currently holds the position of senior fellow at the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s “Secure & Sovereign Frontier Initiative.”

Blair spoke to DX and a packed house of roughly 100 people. He kicked his remarks off with a series of questions that silenced the audience:

“If an electromagnetic pulse [EMP] went off right now, who here would have the ability to contact their kids and grandkids without the use of your phone?

“Who here would be able to drive home?

“Who here would be able to feed themselves? For 72 hours? One week? One month? Six months? A year?”

A palpable sense of unease pervaded the room as Blair looked out at the audience.

Blair continued:

“At any time, the Chinese Communist Party [CCP] could completely wipe out our electric grid. Did anyone not know that?

“You see the invasion that is happening from our southern border. Do these ‘Chinese refugees’ look like refugees running from a tyrannical government? No.”

“What you see at the border is a bunch of military-aged males, with Gucci and Louis Vuitton, looking like they just came off a 737,” Blair explained of the supposed Chinese refugees. “The CCP is here.”

Blair concluded that the threat of an EMP essentially disabling American society, as evidenced by the reaction of the people in the audience, would cause irreparable harm due to citizens’ lack of preparedness. If this worst-case scenario were to become a reality, Blair asserted, “Within the first year, 90% of the people would be dead.”

“You may be independent with your food, water, and communications, but is your neighbor?” asked Blair.

“When stuff like this happens, you might be prepared, but your neighbor is not. When they see you fat and happy, you may have a great Christian neighbor who is a pastor, but I tell you, when they see their son or daughter dying from starvation, they’re going to come after you and your food,” he warned.

“An EMP will turn us into the dark ages. You may have food storage, but can you replenish it? How soon will the sewer start back up in your home? No one talks about hygiene or feces” in the event of an EMP, explained Blair.

He also discussed the possible conflicts that could occur between the federal government and Texas in such a scenario.

“The National Guard has dual status. Meaning, when you join the Army or Air National Guard, you swear an oath to the Constitution of the United States and to Texas, or whatever state you are in,” explained Blair. “So, when Biden says, ‘I’m going to take away your National Guard from the border, can he do it?’ Yes, 100 percent.”

Blair explained that “the men, weapons, and equipment on the border right now, Operation Lone Star, it’s all federally funded. At any given time, Biden can take our weapons and ammunition away.”

“We no longer have the militia to be our own defense. So then, if something happens, who would be our homeland defense? The State Guard,” he said, noting that Texas’ defense force is made up of “a majority of people between the ages of 55 and 65 years old.”

“So, as it stands right now, you are your own first response, and it is going to be up to you to protect your family,” Blair said.

He cautioned Texans not to get comfortable with the notion that they are safe because they may have a lot of guns and ammo.

“Who here has been watching the war in Ukraine? What are they utilizing? Drones. First-person drones. What are the Chinese utilizing? Drones. Hezbollah? Drones. The Houthis? The Mexican cartels? Drones,” Blair said.

He explained that unrestricted hybrid warfare is a real thing. The country’s enemies are “going to utilize every non-kinetic” method, meaning “not involving guns and tanks,” he said.

The tactics being used to hurt Americans now involve cyber warfare and biochemicals vis-à-vis fentanyl precursors, Blair claimed.

“The Chinese have weaponized the Mexican cartels — they are now using proxy warfare –much like what happened to them in the Opium Wars, then what Mao did to his own people — and now doing to us,” Blair said.

“China is destroying and destabilizing our society and, at the same time, acquiring massive amounts of profit, all through narcotics,” he alleged.

Blair claimed that the unrestricted, non-kinetic warfare the nation’s enemies are currently using will eventually be coupled with conventional warfare, setting the stage for a hybrid war.

He went on to state that “the worldwide pandemic has started.”

“Public health emergencies are the greatest way to eradicate our individual sovereignty,” Blair said.

Blair noted that public health scare tactics compounded by other “catastrophes such as cyberattacks, financial collapse, and civil unrest” are things that “we are starting to see happening. And then will come famine.”

“So, how do we overcome totalitarianism?” he asked.

“The sovereignty of the country starts with the sovereignty of the state, which starts with the sovereignty of the individual,” stressed Blair. “We are a constitutional republic.”

“It starts at the local level,” he said. “The enemy realizes this, but we forget this.”