Anti-Semitic Flyers Distributed in DFW Neighborhood

Bags with flyers left on porches of residents in Godley Ranch subdivision
Bags with flyers left on porches of residents in Godley Ranch subdivision | Image by Godley Police Department/Facebook

Some residents of the Godley Ranch subdivision in Godley, Texas, woke up on Monday to find strange bags outside their homes containing brown pellets of unknown origin and antisemitic flyers.

“Every single aspect of Disney child grooming is Jewish. Protect your children,” the front of the flyer read, with photos of Disney executives with the Star of David emblazoned on their foreheads. “Every single aspect of the Ukraine-Russia war is Jewish,” the back of the flyer read.

The Godley Police Department issued a safety alert on social media, advising community members to call Godley police or the Johnson County non-emergency number if they received or found a bag. Residents were also asked to check their security cameras and contact law enforcement if they had any information about the bags.

“Please do not touch them or allow your family members or pets to touch them as they could be harmful,” the Facebook post read.

“Wow. This is sad and disgusting. Hate like this has no place in our community,” Riley Roden commented on the post.

Ashely Ketcherside, a resident in the subdivision, spoke with The Dallas Express. She said that she did not see anyone on her security camera but that a bag appeared in her yard shortly after 11 p.m. on April 14.

“It’s sick and disgusting,” Ketcherside said. “We are a small-knit community with love. We don’t have room for hate. I don’t want to pay these people any attention because, at the end of the day, that is what they want.”

Police Chief Matt Quinteros of the Godley Police Department told The Dallas Express that the incident was under investigation but did not share further details.

While police have not publicly identified the brown pellets found in the bags, a Google search of a photo of the pellets suggests they may be alfalfa pellets. A social media user speculated that it could be kitty litter used to add weight to the bags.

This type of occurrence is not the first, as several similar incidents have happened in different parts of Texas.

Other Facebook users on the thread said similar flyers appeared in Crowley and Burleson, though the bags discovered in Burleson were weighted with corn.

In October of 2023, employees at Fort Worth Botanic Garden claimed that people wearing Nazi attire placed around 250 antisemitic flyers on car windshields, per WFAA.

Flyers of this kind were also found in Allen in September of last year, before Yom Kippur, as covered by NBC 5 DFW. The flyers were placed on cars in a parking lot outside a gun show.

In 2022, Colleyville was the target of antisemitic flyers in bags weighed down with pebbles, according to NPR.

One flyer read that “every single aspect of the COVID agenda is Jewish,” and another read, “Black lives murder white children.”

That same year, two Houston neighborhoods found racist and antisemitic flyers, according to KHOU 11 News.

As previously reported by The Dallas Express, antisemitic incidents have purportedly increased in frequency all over the country since Israel’s war with the terrorist organization Hamas in Gaza began last October. Antisemitism on college campuses, for instance, has prompted a federal probe after several high-profile institutions of higher education came under fire for their handling of such incidents.

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