After Surviving Hurricane Katrina, Texas Family Survives EF-3 Tornado

Terry and Jenn Sharber's home was damaged by a tornado | Image by NBC 5 DFW
Terry and Jenn Sharber's home was damaged by a tornado | Image by NBC 5 DFW

After surviving Hurricane Katrina, a family in north Texas survived another serious weather event, an EF-3 tornado. NBC 5 DFW has the report:

“After a tornado carved its deadly path in Cooke County, the same storm set its sights on a neighborhood in Celina, dropping what the National Weather Service says was a high-end EF-3 tornado.

“Terry and Jenn Sharber live along the path the twister took.

“Their home was destroyed 19 years ago when Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana. They lost their home again in the tornado.

“I said I don’t know if I have it to do it again. I don’t know if I have a second time,” said Jenn Sharber.

“The Sharbers were at home with family Saturday night, surrounded by baby gifts from a shower that morning for their three-week old grandson.

“Our daughter and her friend were right here sitting on this couch when we came out and said we got to go, we got to go,” said Jenn.

“They went to their storm cellar. Then Terry ran to his neighbors’ house to wake them. He says he helped a couple in their 70s into their storm cellar, then woke up more neighbors who took cover in the middle of their home.

“Terry then stepped into his cellar, too.

“Ears popped and knew something was going to happen then,” he said.

“Seconds later, a tornado passed right above their heads, destroying their dream home, and crushing their neighbors’ house. He says they family had to be pulled from the rubble but survived.”

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