50 Local Households Left Without Water

Water main break | Image by North Richland Hills/Twitter

Residents of North Richland Hills went two days this week without consistent access to water after a water main broke in the city.

North Richland Hills City Hall announced Sunday on social media that the city’s public works department was responding to a water main break at the 8600 block of Hightower Drive. The break left 50 households without access to water services.

Residents of the impacted households expressed their frustrations at not being able to carry out normal everyday activities.

“It’s been pretty big,” said Charles Andrejko, a resident of the area, per Fox 4 KDFW. “No showering, no access to fresh water. I know that sounds like a first-world problem, and it is a first-world problem, but it’s something that you’re accustomed to having and when it’s gone it’s very inconvenient.”

City officials have made attempts to aid impacted residents, providing water and food to residents.

“Last night we delivered 6 gallons per household,” said Caroline Waggoner, assistant city manager for North Richland Hills, per Fox 4. “We were able, last night, working with local area businesses, to provide a free pizza. We’re doing everything we can to mitigate this and certainly having lots of conversations with the residents.”

The public works department has installed a temporary main in the meantime. This will be replaced at a later date. Ron Guzo, another nearby homeowner, said he is pleased to know that the faulty main will finally be replaced.

“This is the third time this year we’ve had our water shut off due to that main, so they are going to replace it, which I’m so happy to hear,” said Guzo, per Fox 4.

Guzo said that he is looking forward to enjoying a hot shower once the water has been restored.

Each impacted household will also receive a credit with the next water billing cycle.

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