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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Man Convicted in Shavon Randle’s Murder Gets 40 Years


Laquon Wilkerson pictured in a mugshot following his arrest in 2017.

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Laquon Wilkerson, one of the four men accused of being involved with the kidnapping and murder of a 13-year-old girl, was handed a 40-year jail sentence for his involvement with the crime.

Wilkerson made a plea deal with Dallas County prosecutors in which he pleaded guilty to engaging in organized criminal activity. He was given a 40-year prison sentence in exchange for pleading guilty.

The terms of Wilkerson’s plea deal also saw three other felony charges brought against him dropped by prosecutors. The dropped charges include aggravated kidnapping, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and harassment.

Prosecutors accused Wilkerson of conspiring with Desmond Jones, Devontae Owens, and Darius Fields to kidnap 13-year-old Shavon Randle from Lancaster. Prosecutors say that the 13-year-old girl was held as ransom for stolen drugs.

Randle’s body was later found in an East Oak Cliff trap house. She had been shot multiple times even though she had nothing to do with the drugs. Her body was found along with 19-year-old cousin Michael Titus.

It is believed that Wilkerson killed Titus because Titus killed Randle. Prosecutors believe that no one will know who was truly responsible for the death of Randle because those who knew the real culprit are either dead or have much to lose should the truth come out.

In February 2020, Jones was convicted on the same charge of engaging in organized crime and was given a 99-year sentence. Fields also has a court hearing coming up later this month. Fields is already serving an 18-year prison sentence for a federal weapons violation in connection to the case.

Owens will have his day in court in November, and he is facing charges of engaging in organized crime and aggravated kidnapping. No one has been directly charged with the murder of Shavon Randle.

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