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Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Man Admitted to Killing Transgender Woman During Trial

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Chynal Lindsey and Ruben Alverada. | Image from Facebook and booking photo.

During his ongoing trial, Ruben Alvarado, 24, the man accused of killing 26-year-old woman Chynal Lindsey, told jurors that he panicked when he realized he had killed her.    

According to The Dallas Morning News, Alvarado testified that he and the victim, whom he met on a dating app, had spoken a few times through messages and phone calls before their meeting. Alvarado said he believed that the victim was a cisgender woman before their meeting.    

Alvarado testified during his trial that he drove to Arlington to pick up Lindsey from an address she sent him and that they went to Jack in the Box because Lindsey was hungry.    

Alvarado said he and Lindsey drove around for a while after getting food before heading to his apartment in Mesquite to charge his phone.    

Alvarado told jurors he went inside for a few minutes and got a charger before going back to his car, a claim that prosecutors disputed. According to prosecutors, cellphone data showed Alvarado and Lindsey were at his apartment for over thirty minutes.     

Alvarado testified that he then drove to White Rock Lake to have sex with Lindsey. The 24-year-old said he realized something wasn’t right when he and the victim climbed into the back seat of his Ford Explorer. Alvarado testified that Lindsey got aggressive when he confronted her.    

Alvarado told jurors he got scared and started to fight back. He said he got on top of Lindsey as he punched her before taking off his belt, wrapped it around her neck, and strangled her.    

Alvarado testified that he panicked and decided to drop her body in the lake when he realized she wasn’t moving. Alvarado said her head hit the concrete as he was pulling her body out of the SUV. Alvarado told jurors he did nothing but work for the next few days after he dumped her body.    

However, Dallas Morning News reported that prosecutors said they had records that showed the 24-year-old got back on dating apps two days later.    

Alvarado could face life in prison if convicted. His trial is currently ongoing. 

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