World’s Biggest Bounce House Comes to Dallas

Photo of one of the attractions | Image by Big Bounce America

The world’s biggest bounce house, currently touring the United States, made its way to Dallas-Fort Worth last weekend and will open again the next two weekends.

“This is the world’s largest bounce house at 16,000 square feet,” said Noah Visnich, a manager for Big Bounce America, speaking to The Dallas Express.

The bounce house stands 32 feet high, and there’s much more to do than bounce.

“The world’s largest bounce house has DJs, obstacle courses inside, we’ve got bubbles, confetti, foam, you name it’s going on inside the bounce house,” said Visnich.

And the biggest bounce house isn’t the tour’s only appeal: “We have six other attractions that are all inflatable as well,” Visnich added.

The Giant is a 900-foot inflatable obstacle course boasting 50 challenges to overcome as eventgoers journey from the starting line to the grand finale, a giant slide.

If The Giant doesn’t satisfy your hunger for fun, perhaps a trip to space in the Air Space inflatable will.

Air Space is a unique space-themed wonderland filled with friendly aliens, spaceships, moon craters, and many more activities.

There are three parts to the fun Air Space provides: a five-lane slide with alien bobbleheads, a spaceman moon base where family and friends can meet, and a giant moon crater ball pit.

Sport Slam is another attraction that will get the blood rushing with a little friendly competition.

Here, a Big Bounce MC and Referee oversee competitions such as dodgeball, basketball, soccer, and other contests.

Along with good music, delicious food will be available for purchase.

The Big Bounce America has been touring for six years.

Its DFW stop is set up in Grand Prairie’s Lone Star Park.

Attractions will open again Friday-Sunday, March 24-26 and March 31-April 2. Hours of operation vary.

Up to 350 people are allowed in the world’s biggest bounce house at a time, according to Visnich. The bounce house offers four tiers of bouncing sessions: toddler, junior, big kids, and adults only.

  • Toddler session (children 3 and under accompanied by an adult):
    • Session on 3/24 from 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
    • Tickets are $22
  • Junior session (children 7 and under accompanied by an adult):
    • Session on 3/25, 3/26, 4/1, and 4/2 from 9-12 p.m.
    • Tickets are $35
  • Bigger kids session (children 15 and younger accompanied by an adult):
    • Sessions on 3/25, 3/26, 4/1, and 4/2 from 12-3 p.m. and 3-6 p.m.
    • Tickets are $35
  • Adults-only session (ages 16 and older):
    • Session on 3/24, 3/25, and 3/31 from 6-9 p.m. and a session on 4/1 from 6:30-9:30 p.m.
    • Tickets are $41

“I love seeing the family all get together because we have a session where the whole family could come,” said Visnich, referring to the “bigger kids” time slot.

“We have older kids, younger kids, and the parents will even have a good time, and it’s fun to see all the kids outside, you know, most stuff everyone does is indoors and playing video games, this is a great way to get everyone outdoors and doing something altogether which is really cool to see.”

April 2 will be Big Bounce America’s last day in DFW. You can purchase tickets here.

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