The Chris Howell Foundation hosted their 3rd annual Back-to-School Supply Giveaway this Saturday, August 7th, at Dallas College Mountain View, 4849 W. Illinois Ave., Dallas, Texas.  

Along with their focus on resource and educational assistance to men, families, and those affected by HIV/AIDS, the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, with a record of 59 volunteers, donated school supplies to many students. At the event, they provided free COVID-19 vaccinations, CPR training, and HIV/STD testing with no registration required. 

Chris Howell, whose brother died due to HIV-related complications and whose mother often needed assistance to raise her children, is grateful for his opportunity to serve people in need. 

“My mom sat in many lines like the ones we serve today to get food for us,” Howell States. “She was a single parent with six children and did the best she could to provide, including working, but [she] needed a little bit more to make ends meet. And that’s what we’re doing for many of the families we serve today: Giving them a little bit more to make ends meet.” 

Through public health and wellness fairs, HIV/AIDS assistance programs, financial literacy training, and giveaways like their Back-to-School event, the Chris Howell Foundation, “provides resources that ensure the long-term sustainability of families and children.”  

As president and CEO of the Chris Howell Foundation, Chris Howell generates awareness to the organization’s cause via public relations, manages partnerships, raises funds, and oversees various projects they implement.  

According to Howell, the foundation was able to serve “More than 100,000 families over 2.9 million pounds of food, and over 100,000 PPE care packages, and hosted a free vaccine distribution event,” during the first 15 months of the pandemic.  

Their Back-to-School Giveaway will be a continuation of their services.  

They currently have a fundraiser for the event, funds for which will aid in their cause to provide assistance in the areas of, “Economic development, health, and wellness, education and empowerment, and initiatives that resolve the issues of food insecurity,” Howell states. 

To donate to their cause and for more information on their giveaway, visit the Chris Howell Foundation’s Facebook Page