VIDEO: Zulu Queen Attends TX Play About Jesus

The Promise of Passover
The Promise of Passover | Image by Andrew Norsworthy/The Dallas Express

Hundreds of people from across Texas gathered in Glen Rose this weekend to watch a play about the story of Jesus Christ ahead of the upcoming Easter weekend.

The Promise in Glen Rose hosted a showing of The Promise of Passover at 8 p.m. on Saturday. The event was attended by Queen Nompumelelo Mchiza of the Zulu nation as well as her delegation.

The Dallas Express was also in attendance at the showing.

Men, women, and children in the play portrayed multiple individuals from the story of the New Testament during Jesus’ adult life, such as John the Baptist, Mary Magdalene, Simon Peter, Judas Iscariot, Pontius Pilate, and, of course, Jesus. These stories were partially told through the perspective of Bartimaeus, whose sight was restored by Christ.

Dramatizations of events, stories, and miracles performed by Jesus during his adult life were done with a dynamic stage, sound, music, and animals, such as sheep, goats, a donkey, and a camel. Such stories included Jesus giving Bartimaeus his sight, walking on water, casting out demons, healing the afflicted, and more.

The play culminated with the story of Jesus’ betrayal, crucifixion, and resurrection. Some attendees refused to comment on the record. However, most described the performance as “spectacular.”

John Wilkerson, director of the play, described that night’s showing as one “heaven of a performance.”

“I did Broadway, and I did national tours, and then I started directing more. And all my life, I’ve been working in church music and in musical theater, and I feel like this is what I’ve been trained for,” said Wilkerson. “It’s special every night to get to see this, and it’s just so moving.”


After the show concluded, The Dallas Express caught up with Queen Nompumelelo and learned she traveled to Texas to foster mutual educational benefits for the state and the Zulu nation through the Bayede Heritage Trust, particularly with Angelina College in Lufkin, Texas. Earlier that day, she received a key to the city from Glen Rose, describing the town as her “home away from home.”


In return, Queen Nompumelelo also presented Joe Boles, mayor of Glen Rose, with a leopard skin Zulu warrior shield.

She described the performance as “out of this world” and said she would like to see such a performance in South Africa.

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“Some people cannot understand if they are reading from the Bible, but having this performance has clarified some of the gray areas. I’m happy. I’ve enjoyed it,” said Queen Nompumelelo.

Future showings of the play will take place on March 29 and March 30, as well as April 5 and April 6. Tickets can be purchased here.

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