VIDEO: Musical Tribute to DFW Boy With Half a Heart

Elliot Wyche tribute concert
Sing Me A Story Elliot Wyche tribute concert | Image by HEB VPA/Facebook

Students from the L.D. Bell High School’s fine arts department in Hurst performed a special musical for Elliot Wyche, a young boy born with half a heart.

The performance, which took place at the high school, drew a packed crowd. Elliot was accompanied by his family.

“We care about everybody in the audience, but at the end of the day, it’s him that we’re doing it for,” L.D. Bell student Rose Skidmore told WFAA.

While only eight years old, Elliot has already undergone three open-heart surgeries for his rare condition. Others who have had the same congenital disability seldom see adulthood.

Despite the gravity of his condition, Elliot confronts his medical challenges with courage, even finding humor in his situation.

“If I ever say, ‘Hey, I want a toy. I have half a heart; please let me get a toy.’ Sometimes I do that,” he joked.

In 2019, local media profiled Elliot for his generous Christmas gift-giving campaign. After receiving gifts from supporters who followed him on social media, Elliot donated the gifts to the Arlington Police Santa Cops program. This initiative gives toys to 1,200 children each year.

Because of Elliot, 20 additional families enjoyed a brighter Christmas that year.

Elliot continues to give away many of the toys he receives. As a child himself, Elliot loves toys and creates stories for each one. According to his mom, Ashley Wyche, he has always been a great storyteller.

At the request of the non-profit Sing Me a Story Foundation, Elliot wrote and illustrated a story. Sing Me a Story took his work to Mitch Gilly, a composer based in Austin. Gilly used Elliot’s drawings as inspiration to create music. The musical score would later be passed to the students at L.D. Bell High School, who would perform the piece for Elliot and his family.

Elliot’s story? He calls it “Smasher Crasher,” it is a tale of three superheroes who band together to defeat evil.

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