Two Baby Giraffes Born at Wildlife Center

Wildlife Center
Giraffe at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center | Image by LarissaShouga/Shutterstock

The Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, located in Glen Rose, welcomed two baby giraffes into the world this month.

Resident giraffe Snorgie gave birth to a female calf named Waffles on March 4. A little over two weeks later, giraffe Nettie gave birth to another female calf, which has not yet been named.

Visitors are invited to see the new babies on a self-guided drive tour of the wildlife center.

Baby giraffes are able to run 10 hours after birth, so expect to see the two calves running about.

They also may be larger than expected, as, on average, baby giraffes are born at around 6 feet tall and weigh about 220 pounds.

Within the first year of life, a giraffe will double in height, and by the time it is 2 years old, it will leave its mother and fend for itself.

Tickets for the self-guided driving tour are $29.95 for adults and $24.95 for children ages 3 to 11. Tickets for children under 2 are free. Tickets must be purchased in advance online.

The tour is around an hour and a half and takes the visitors through 7.2 miles of Texas hill country.

Other visiting options include a private guided tour, a public guided tour, and a photo workshop tour.

Tickets for the public guided tour, which the organization recommends, are $39.95 for everyone 3 years old and up.

The private guided tours have a set price of $500 for up to 10 guests. For the photo workshop, guests will learn to hone their photography skills with professional photographer Rod Gardner. For public photo workshops, tickets are $150 per person and  $800 for a group of up to five for private photo workshops.

The wildlife center has a variety of animals, including tortoises, addax, bison, chickens, deer, macaws, wildebeest, cheetahs, sheep, cranes, goats, wolves, armadillos, salamanders, turkeys, and more.

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  1. ThisGuyisTom

    Dynamic Country.
    Back in the day…Glen Rose was the Moonshine Capital of Texas. Even public officials were involved.
    Old timers tell some interesting stories.

  2. Wrath

    Just came back from Glen Rose. A Texas mini vacation where the surprise was how much fun we had at Fossil Rim. Saw the new giraffes and fed its mom. A great week end or go between Tuesday and Thursday. Most restaurants are closed Monday. My advice… take the public guided tour. If there are children on the tour you’ll find their excitement at the animals (especially the giraffes) to be heart warming.


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