Texas Woman ‘Pinks Out’ House for Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink'd Out House | Image by Pink'd Out House Facebook

A North Texas homeowner decided to decorate her house all pink this Halloween to raise awareness for breast cancer survivors.

Angela Fincher, a 47-year-old mother of three, was diagnosed in February 2021 with breast cancer. For seven months, she fought the disease and won. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Fincher decided to decorate her North Richland Hills home on Buck Street with pink Christmas lights and pink pumpkins.

The home has its own Facebook page, “Pink’d Out House.”

Fincher thought of the idea back in August and, with some encouragement from friends, decided to follow through on it. She started the plan on August 25, the day of her biannual mammogram check-up.

She decided to elevate the design above just pink lights by painting pumpkins pink and putting them in her front yard. She wanted to add a little something more to draw in visitors.

Fincher enlisted the help of eight friends in setting up the house decor. Visitors are encouraged to leave messages and remember survivors of breast cancer.

There are magnetic breast cancer awareness ribbons on her garage that people can write on and stones that people can paint.

Fincher has three friends currently undergoing breast cancer treatment, and seeing them deal with the illness inspired her to take action.

She hopes that her display will raise awareness, provide hope to those still fighting breast cancer, and encourage other women to get mammograms.

The North Richland Hills mayor, Oscar Trevino, and the city’s fire department chief, Stan Tinney, both visited the house soon after the launch, showing their support for the project.

Fincher said that the process has made her an “emotional wreck.” She was worried that her plan was not worth the effort and that it would not receive much of a response, but the community welcomed her idea with open arms.

While visiting the house is free, Fincher plans to create a Venmo account for donations, a portion of which will be donated to a local charity that is to be determined.

The home will stay decorated until October 31, and Fincher plans to make “pinking it out” an annual tradition.

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