Texas Foundation Gives Back to Elderly with Alzheimer’s

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The specific medical reason behind Alzheimer’s is complicated, but the consensus is that it is unfortunately irreversible. One of the most heartbreaking things about this horrible disease is witnessing the slow deterioration of a friend, family member, or loved one. In many cases, the person you’ve known for ages may begin to forget who you are. Alz.org describes Alzheimer’s Disease as “a type of dementia that affects memory, thinking, and behavior. Symptoms eventually grow severe enough to interfere with daily tasks.” Symptoms of this disease are severe, and they only seem to worsen as time goes on.

There is no known cure for this disease. However, there are temporary treatments that may make symptoms less severe or slow their progression. This isn’t to say there aren’t things that can be done outside of direct treatment, though. The Aging Mind Foundation was created by Laree Hulshoff and Bill Booziotis, who struggled to cope when their friends began to lose their battle to Alzheimer’s. On the “about” page on their website, they state how the foundation came to be. “While working on this event, Laree learned how little money is given to Alzheimer’s research in comparison to other deadly diseases… the negative impact of Alzheimer’s is only growing… She became extremely passionate about raising money to fund research that will ultimately lead to the cause and cure for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and so the Aging Mind Foundation was created.”

This foundation is serious about its cause. They have raised nearly four million dollars, and they don’t plan on stopping any time soon. The money they raise goes towards ongoing scientific research to find new treatments and more ways to fight against Alzheimer’s Disease. On their website, you will find things like where to donate, where the donation money is going, facts and information about Alzheimer’s, and other resources. The headquarters are located in Dallas, and they have made a huge impact so far in helping these elderly adults with the disease improve their quality of life.

More information about The Aging Mind Foundation can be found at their website: https://agingmindfoundation.org/

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