Square in Texas Promoting Self-Reflection and Acceptance

Exterior of Thanks-Giving Square. | Image by LEONID FURMANSKY

The Thanks-Giving Foundation acts as a bridge between people of varying cultures, aiming to bring them together to educate one another.

The Thanks-Giving Foundation owns a garden in Texas named the Thanks-Giving Square. It is described as a contemplation garden, or somewhere people can go to find peace. The square includes not only the garden but also a chapel and exhibition hall.

The chapel is interfaith, meaning all people are welcome, and it encourages conversation among different religions.

The foundation goes on to state, “Our purpose is to bring together diverse people on the common ground of gratitude through our places, ideas and actions… [We] encourage individuals from all walks of life to embrace gratitude, virtue, and goodwill. We believe that enhancing the presence and practice of gratitude in people’s daily lives can foster mutual understanding […] We believe people with a grateful spirit who aspire to live a virtuous life will find happiness and contentment.”

The Thanks-Giving Square has been around since 1964. Ever since then, it has brought people of all belief systems together. The square’s architecture may not seem all that important, but it does hold some significance.

For one thing, the square is lower than the rest of the land around it, giving it a sunken look. This feature helps people know they are getting away from the rest of the world and encourages them to relax. It also includes a fountain in which soothing water sounds are continuously flowing. The water adds to the atmosphere of the square, giving it even more of a calming vibe.

The square is open to everyone. You don’t have to uphold a particular belief system to be welcome. You have to be grateful and have a positive attitude. That’s because the square is meant to be a place of self-reflection and getting to know one another. For that reason, it is a great place to take a break from hectic everyday life and contemplate everything you’ve been given in this world.

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