Shurrun’s House for Homeless and Troubled Women

Shurrun's House
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Shurrun’s House Sober Living Transitional Homes for Women supply necessary support for recovering women. They say, “women struggling with addiction and homelessness face unique challenges. These [challenges] include, but are not limited to unique gender-based trauma, social stigma, assault, mental illness, and emotional disturbances. Homeless people overall suffer mental illness and drug addiction.”

Shurrun’s House welcomes women who struggle with drug addiction, have been in treatment for behavioral or mental health issues, or have problems with the criminal justice system. The program provides more than just a place to stay. Some of the resources available include recovery coaches, women’s empowerment classes, and bus passes. Shurrun’s House respects the legal system and states that they abide by all child custody laws and Child Protective Services requirements.

Shurrun’s House offers a shelter for women, but rather than a full-time home, it is a transitional center. The ultimate goal is to help these women get back on their feet. This way, they can integrate back into society with a steady income.

The houses themselves are fully furnished and ready to live in. In order to utilize the house and their services, residents must abide by rules, the same as at any apartment or college dormitory. For the safety of the women, drug and alcohol levels are highly monitored. The staff does drug tests at random times, and medications are kept secure. Chores are assigned to keep the living area clean. This requirement teaches women life skills and provides for clean, safe accommodations.

Rooms are shared, and the home requires that residents make their beds daily and keep trash picked up. There are no men allowed in the facility. Another safety precaution includes a curfew, and breaking curfew will result in an earlier curfew for a week. These rules, along with the other ones not mentioned here, are meant to help keep everyone safe, and integrate these women back into society, and set them on the path to success.

Additionally, house meetings are held weekly, and if a woman is employed, she may leave for work. Employment is one of the goals at the facility, as an income is critical for reintegration into society.

Shurrun’s House organizes plenty of fundraising events that are both interactive and useful. They often put on raffles, paint parties, Easter basket giveaways, and other holiday events.

Donations are always welcome and go directly to the needs of the women, including food, clothing, and household items. Every donation goes a long way to empower these women and support Shurrun’s House’s continued success. You can donate and find more information on their website: https://shurrunshouse.org/

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