Restaurant Beatrice Set to Bring Cajun Cuisine to Texas

Bowl of gumbo | Image by LauriPatterson

Restaurant Beatrice will soon open in Dallas, bringing contemporary Cajun dishes to Texans in a welcoming atmosphere. Opening this Spring, Restaurant Beatrice is the latest venture from Michelle Carpenter, the chef behind Zen Sushi located in Bishop Arts. Her philosophy for the new restaurant? “Everyone. Is. Welcome.”

Excited over the upcoming opening, Carpenter has big plans for Restaurant Beatrice. It is a culmination of influences from the cultures of both of her parents, who are of Asian and Cajun descent. The new restaurant is named after her grandmother. Carpenter plans to welcome all to come and enjoy great food and some warm southern hospitality.

“Everyone knows that special feeling we get seeing the big blue highway sign as we cross the Texas border into swamp country — ‘Bienvenue en Louisiane,'” Carpenter shared in a statement. 

“That welcoming embrace is unique to where I spent a large part of my childhood, and that’s the experience I want my customers to have. I dedicated three decades of my career to Tokyo-style sushi, and I’ve seen how sophisticated diners feel intimidated by Japanese cuisine. Refined and delicious foods shouldn’t include gatekeeping.”

Carpenter plans to offer a menu that includes a smoky house-made andouille gumbo with duck, Mammaw’s fried chicken with pepper jelly, and vegan Green Gumbo made with leafy greens, as shared by Dallas Culture Map. Restaurant Beatrice also plans to hold some fun seafood boils for all to enjoy.

The location will feature a full bar centered on mixology, so the cocktails are sure to be delicious along with the array of cajun dishes. 

Carpenter also plans to stock a selection of house-made pickles, rubs for meat, and flavorful jams for patrons to buy while they are dining.

Restaurant Beatrice will open at 1111 N. Beckley Rd., in the space formerly occupied by Jonathon’s Oak Cliff.

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