Planning a Visit to The Dallas Museum of Art

Image by Andreas Praefcke

The Dallas Museum of Art, located in the Art District of downtown Dallas, is the largest in northern Texas. There are over 24,000 pieces of art in the collection, ranging from historical artifacts which are thousands of years old to beautiful modern pieces spread over more than 150,000 square feet. The giant building is self-described as “a space of wonder and discovery where art comes alive.”

The Museum states their three main missions as “[placing] art and our diverse communities at the center around which all activities radiate,” to “pursue excellence in collecting and programming, present works of art across cultures and time, and be a driving force in contemporary art,” and “strengthen our position as a prominent, innovative institution, expanding the meaning and possibilities of learning and creativity.”

It was founded in 1903 and has stood the test of time. For well over a century, the art museum has been paving the way for others by being one of the top ten most prominent museums in the United States. The Museum has many things to offer, from art exhibitions to lectures and even dance performances.

The Museum is open every day to the general public except for Monday. Admission is free for anyone. A preordered ticket is required and can be obtained online. Walk-in availability is not guaranteed without reservations.

Parking has a fifteen-dollar fee for each car in the lot. Additionally, they have a gift shop. You can shop online right from home. According to their site, the Museum operates a store that offers children’s toys, jewelry, apparel, knickknacks, textiles, fabrics, prints, and many more items. The Museum provides a bit of everything. It is entertaining, family-friendly, cultural, educational, and more.

Take a trip through the ages when you visit the Dallas Museum of Art. You can even take the whole family. More information can be found at www.dma.org

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