Not All Medications Are Cleared for International Takeoff

Passport with medications on a map | Image by Studio KIWI/Shutterstock

If you are an international traveler, you may want to check your medication before you take flight as some are not permitted in certain countries, according to a report by Fox News:

“As summer travel season gears up, 77% of Americans expect to pack a prescription medication for the trip — but nearly half don’t check to see whether it’s even legal to bring those meds into other countries.

“Additionally, more than a quarter of Americans have had medications confiscated during international travel, according to a May 2024 survey of 1,048 respondents by SingleCare, a free prescription savings service.

Certain medications that are commonly prescribed in the United States might be illegal or strictly regulated in other countries,” Dr. Jennifer Bourgeois, PharmD, a pharmacy and health expert based in Dallas-Fort Worth, told Fox News Digital.”

To read the entire article on Fox News, click HERE.

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