North Texas Welcomes Baby Gorilla

Baby gorilla Jameela
Baby gorilla Jameela | Image by Fort Worth Zoo/Facebook

Earlier this week, baby gorilla Jameela was welcomed by mother Sekani and Fort Worth Zoo staff after being born via emergency c-section.

Sekani was diagnosed with preeclampsia four to six weeks before Jameela’s birth. The blood-pressure condition can afflict both humans and primates during pregnancy. On February 21, veterinarians at the zoo concluded that an emergency cesarean was needed to help save both the baby and the mother. Fortunately, both survived the birth.

North Texas loves to celebrate the many animal births in the region. Last February, the Dallas Zoo celebrated the birth of Okubili. At 290 pounds at birth, the calf was the zoo’s ninth African elephant.

Four baby lemurs were also born at the Dallas Zoo last spring. The new crew required the help of 10 zoo staff to help with the frequent monitoring the babies demanded.

In early June, The Dallas Express reported that the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center welcomed Maple, the fourth giraffe calf to be birthed at the complex.

A February 17 update from the Fort Worth Zoo’s official X account said that Jameela’s mother remains healthy despite some challenges.

“Many of you have been asking how Jameela’s mother, Sekani, is doing post cesarean section, and we are happy to report she is doing very well! Sekani is healed up and has rejoined the troop — she can even be found back on habitat!” read the post on X.

Sadly, despite repeated efforts by zoo staff to reunite Sekani with her baby, she has not exhibited “the necessary maternal instincts to care for Jameela,” the thread on X continued. Regardless, the zoo staff say they are committed to caring for the baby gorilla, no matter the outcome.

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