The North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) works to provide food for those in need in the region, and their new initiative plans to change how they fight hunger. Nourish North Texas is the most extensive campaign the food bank has launched in the last four decades.

The goal of the campaign is to raise $500 million by the end of 2023. According to Dallas News, the needed resources make it one of the social services agency’s largest campaigns in North Texas history. It is also the largest campaign done by any food bank in Feeding America’s network.

The North Texas Food Bank president and CEO, Trisha Cunningham, said fighting hunger is about more than providing food.

“Making a lasting impact against hunger requires more than providing ample food. We must collaborate with current and new partners to develop innovative approaches that help families not just survive but thrive. Nourish North Texas is an ambitious campaign that reflects the significant resources we will need to meet and reduce the hunger crisis in North Texas,” Cunningham said.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, people in North Texas continued to suffer from food insecurity. According to Dallas News, the negative impacts were heightened for communities already suffering from hunger and unemployment.

Nourish North Texas will let NTFB meet these elevated needs.

“The COVID-19 pandemic both caused and exposed unprecedented food insecurity in our community and presented one of the greatest challenges we have ever faced,” Cunningham said. “During this time, our generous community came together to support the Food Bank and our Feeding Network, proving that no one wants their neighbors to go hungry. This campaign helps ensure we can continue to provide access to needed food and services for our community, ensuring that together we can provide Food for Today and Hope for Tomorrow.”

There are 800,000 in North Texas facing food insecurity, according to Dallas News. This number includes 300,000 children.

In 2020, the North Texas Food Bank was able to provide 125 million meals, which passed their goal of providing 92 million within a single year.

Nourish North Texas will fight hunger by getting to the root of the issues. Through partnerships, NTFB will be able to address health, education, financial stability, and how they contribute to hunger.

One North Texas single mother, Elyshia, told Dallas News how much of a difference the food bank makes. She has been able to use the School Pantry through her son’s school to feed her family.

Elyshia said, “The food is fantastic. The School Pantry is great for families who need a little extra help and extra food just to be able to make a complete meal.”

The North Texas Food Bank is aiming to raise $300 million in food products, $150 million in cash donations, and $50 million in an endowment to equal $500 million.

The donations and funds will benefit over 200 agencies in the 13 counties that NTFB works with. The Nourish North Texas campaign is meant to help North Texans move forward.