New Long-Legged Friend Joins Dallas Zoo

Baby giraffe | Image by Dallas Zoo

A new face will soon be seen at the Dallas Zoo after an animal was born on April Fools’ Day.

The Dallas Zoo announced the birth of the male giraffe on social media on April 15. The giraffe, born to Katie and Tebogo, weighs around 138 pounds and stands 5.5 feet tall. He has already enjoyed bonding with his mom and is soaking in his new world.

On April 17, the newest addition to the giraffe herd made his public debut and was allowed into the feed yard alongside his mom and Chrystal, his aunt.

The Dallas Zoo has been busy with new babies. In February, the zoo welcomed four furry baby monkeys, a Bolivian gray titi, a black and white colobus, and emperor tamarin twins, as previously covered by The Dallas Express.

Additionally, in February, the zoo announced an increase in security measures following a string of crimes. The incidents included break-ins into animal enclosures, a missing leopard, stolen monkeys, and a vulture death, all covered by DX.

“When you go through hardship, you either come out stronger, or you die,” Dawn Moore, Dallas Zoo board chair, told The Dallas Morning News. “We are certainly not dead.”

The zoo’s security improvements include adding uniformed security officers, an active command center running around the clock, upgraded camera systems, enhancements to the perimeter fence, signage noting the zoo is under surveillance, and improved lighting throughout the facility.

“We certainly felt that we had a very substantial security program before, and some of the enhancements that we’ve made just increased where we were,” said Diana Worden, senior director of safety and security for the zoo, per DMN.

” Between the fencing, the security cameras and the lighting, it gives the surrounding community a more calming feel that [the zoo] responded to our concerns in a very positive way,” said Carolyn King Arnold, Dallas City Councilwoman representing District 4, during a news conference last year, reported DMN.

“I would say, overall, I think we can probably put our security upgrades up against any other zoo.”

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