McDonald’s Debuts New Restaurant Concept

CosMc’s new location in North Dallas | Image by Andrew Terrell/The Dallas Express

A new beverage-led concept by McDonald’s opened in North Dallas on Tuesday.

CosMc’s is a small-format restaurant concept by McDonald’s that serves otherworldly drinks and treats, as reported by The Dallas Express. The concept’s grand opening on Preston and Campbell in far North Dallas drew a large crowd Tuesday evening, with vehicles stretching out into the street and a crowd of patrons eager to try the new beverages.

The Dallas Express visited CosMc’s during the grand opening to give the menu a try and to see what people thought of the drinks.

DX ordered a medium Sour Cherry Energy Burst ($5.99), a medium Tropical Spiceade with added Fruity Popping Boba ($4.99 + $0.99), and a Spicy Queso Sandwich ($5.39).

Despite the high prices for everything on the menu, the drinks and food lived up to the otherworldly hype. The drinks not only offered a refreshing and unique taste but served as a real treat after a hard day’s work.


Dallas resident Connor Wilson told The Dallas Express that his beverage – a Blueberry Ginger Boost – was “definitely a little different than what he expected, but still really good.”

Despite a bustling grand opening, DX was able to land an interview with Carlos Hoyos, the operations manager at CosMc’s.

“CosMc’s is the newest brand from the McDonald’s universe,” Hoyos said. “The concept is beverage-led with a culture that boosts humans up with every sip.”

“We are here to drive inclusion and then that three o’clock pick-me-up. We do that with drinks that are going to make you escape reality – because reality gets real,” Hoyos told The Dallas Express. “With each one of these drinks, we escape it.”

Hoyos’ description of the drinks felt oddly accurate.

While Hoyos said everything on the menu is delicious, he admitted that his favorite drink is the Tropical Spiceade. He said the beverage is “refreshing” and makes him feel “as if he’s in Thailand or [on] some exotic beach around the world like Hawaii.”

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