Love For Kids: Clothing the Young at Heart

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Love For Kids Inc. may sound like an ordinary charity name, but what this organization does for children is undoubtedly extraordinary. Located in Dallas, Texas, Love For Kids was founded in 1975 by Bill Barret and Alan Powdermaker. Billy is noted as being a businessman and philanthropist, while Alan was a CEO.

Witnessing those that were impacted by the Vietnam War, they wanted to throw a Christmas party for the children who relocated to Texas due to the war. Unforeseen to them, the Christmas party was a huge success. Impressed by the turnout and feedback, they created the Annual Children’s Holiday Event.

Eventually, Love For Kids Inc. was created. They soon incorporated other children’s programs like The Clothes Closet and All Kids Count. The organization says that they are constantly evolving with societal needs.

Love For Kids states that throughout the years, they have focused on only one goal and one vision. Their goal is to “work hand in hand with families to ensure [that] families have basic needs like education and resources.” Their vision has always been to “strengthen family relationships [through] education, empowerment, and being engaged with community participation.” They continue saying, “Love For Kids Inc. believes that children are the future. We understand each child begins their journey in life from different vantage points; we make it our mission to help all children start life with as many benefits as possible. All children deserve a chance to reach their potential. We depend on our volunteers, donors, and sponsors to help make a difference in the lives of kids.”

The primary services that they provide are listed as resources for the “Young at Heart,” and support for families. Resources for youth include things directed towards children, such as events and fundraisers. “Young at Heart” is focused on help and services to support senior citizens or the elderly raising young children. Finally, support for families helps families with needs for their children. They can provide clothes and hygiene products, as well as offer library services.

Noted as the organization’s ‘most effective program’ by the organizers themselves is the Clothes Closet. Rather than focusing on the child, this specific program provides clothes to all members of the family. They accept new and gently used clothes for all ages, from newborns to adults. They say that it is a good way for children and their families to get needed clothes.

Extra clothes are a luxury that many families do not have, so your donations may make one family very happy. Even the smallest thing can feel like a massive indulgence for those less fortunate than others. Donations are always welcome, no matter what they are. If anyone wants to pick up clothes, they have to fill out a brief form about their family and its needs.

For more information on how you can help, visit https://www.loveforkidsinc.org/

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