Local Pancake Artist Boasts Worldwide Fanbase

Fresh homemade stack of pancakes | Image by RebeccaDLev, Shutterstock

Is there any such thing as a pancake that’s too pretty to eat? One North Texas artist thinks so.

Ryan Lewin is not your average pancake maker — he’s the Flippin’ Art Dude.

Lewin’s stunning and delicious pancake art portrays everything from the faces of your favorite celebrities to classic masterpieces.


What people think when they hear I make pancake art….vs reality 🥞🎨 #pancakeart #foryoupage #fyp #fy

♬ original sound – Ryan Lewin

Catching attention through his tasty renditions of Patrick Mahomes, SpongeBob SquarePants, and more, Lewin has gained a worldwide following on social media.

But making edible art doesn’t come easy.

The Flippin’ Art Dude has documented his meticulous process on TikTok.


Quarantine life got me like…😱🥞 “The Scream” pancake art. #pancakeart #thescream #covid19 #stayhome #flippinartdude

♬ Scream & Shout – will.i.am

As Lewin told WFAA, his creations are a lot more challenging to put together than you’d think.

“With pancake art, everything’s reversed and everything’s backwards. So you got to be careful because the first layer, whatever you put down, once you cover it, you can’t go back and change it,” Lewin explained, per WFAA.

Pancake batter is an unforgiving medium, as he never really knows what a piece looks like until he flips it on the skillet.

Lewin does every piece freehand using a squeeze bottle to make intricate shapes and lines.

A key to mastering pancake art lies in the consistency of the batter, according to Lewin.

“It’s got to be like a ketchup consistency,” Lewin explained, per WFAA.

Going well beyond your ordinary flapjacks, Lewin uses his own recipes and mixes the batter until it reaches the perfect silky texture.

Lewin’s pancake art has catapulted him to internet stardom. He has received invitations to do celebrity portraits from several organizations, including Country Music Television.

Lewin noted that one “really cool” request even came from the rock band Blink 182, per WFAA.

Lewin’s passion for pancake art started as a fun activity he could do with his kids, Jake and Emerson. He never imagined that his hobby would be loved by so many people.

“I started making pancake art last year in April 2019. I randomly stumbled upon some pancake art videos while scrolling online and thought it looked so fun, so I first attempted to make some pancake art for my kids for breakfast,” Lewin told NBC 5 back in 2020.

Lewin has found a way to frame and preserve his pancake art, so here’s hoping his kids aren’t too disappointed about not tasting all of their dad’s pieces.


Fully preserved pancake art. 🥞🎨#pancakeart #fyp #foryou #fy

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