Local Artists Collaborating With Major Brands

Artist Mariell Guzman
Artist Mariell Guzman | Image by Mariell Guzman/Instagram

Some of North Texas’s most talented artists are partnering with the world’s largest brands.

Many artists barely scrape by, buoyed by their passion for their creative field. However, artists like Mariell Guzman of Oak Cliff are partnering with large companies that have deep pockets, reported KERA.

Guzman, born in Zamora, Mexico, and raised in Texas, uses large splashes of bright colors in her mixed media designs. According to her website, Guzman has worked with several large brands, like Kia, Pepsi, Dickies, IBM, Corona, and others. Her artwork has also been featured in a Samsung Galaxy ad in New York’s Times Square, per KERA.

As you might imagine, working with multi-billion dollar brands is not always easy for an artist. Companies typically have strict requirements, which can be challenging to navigate. Drigo Rodriguez, an artist and muralist based in North Texas, said few have figured out how to balance brand standards with creative freedom.

“I always ask myself: Is this me? Is this too far that way?” Rodriguez told KERA about how he checks in with himself on projects.

At the same time, Rodriguez says it is important to leave for compromise. He recommends artists look for “common ground in places that you maybe don’t feel like it exists” while still being prepared to step away from projects that deviate too far from their values.

“As best you can, only take the projects that align with your voice or where you want to head in your career,” he said, per KERA.

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