Judge Judy Has Advice for Gen Z

Judge Judy
Judge Judy Sheindlin | Image by s_bukley/Shutterstock

The well-known host of a reality court show shares some advice for Gen Z with Fox 4 KDFW:

“EXCLUSIVE – Judge Judy Sheindlin doesn’t know for sure if Gen Z is getting an unfair ‘bad rap,’ but some characteristics she’s observed in and out of the workplace give her pause.

“‘Are they getting a bad rap? I don’t know,’ Sheindlin told Fox News Digital. ‘They grew up with a different philosophy. And they are the products of the philosophy, ‘Everybody gets a trophy.”‘

“Gen Z refers to those born between 1997 and 2012, according to the Pew Research Center. The age group is frequently tagged in media and pop culture with negative labels like being entitled, lazy, technology-obsessed and inattentive in the eyes of their critics.

“Sheindlin, who was born in 1942, suggested today’s youngsters have been too coddled, noting that her own childhood looked much different.

“‘I grew up – and that’s not the Greatest Generation – but when I grew up, you ran a race, you came in first, you got a trophy,’ she said. ‘Sometimes you even got a second place prize. Even the Olympics have three prizes. But if there are 20 people in a race, and everybody gets a trophy, you get a trophy for first, second, third, fourth, Most Congenial, Best Outfit, Best Sportsmanship, Most Personality, Best Joke. So everybody gets a trophy.'”

To read the entire article on Fox 4 KDFW, please click HERE.

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