Increase Water Pressure Without Increasing Usage 

Close up of a partly clogged shower head in a bathroom, causing it to putting out so little water
Photo of shower head with low water pressure. | Image by Ole_CNX

Does turning on the shower cause more of a dribble than a rush of warm water from your showerhead? 

If so, you may be suffering from low water pressure. But there are things you can do. Local experts at Plumbing Dynamics provide the following tips to increase pressure.  

Although using more than one water appliance simultaneously causes reduced water pressure when using only one water outlet, the water pressure should be intense.  

There are five things you can do today to increase your shower’s water pressure.  

  • Inspect your home’s pressure regulator. This bell-shaped device is located outside near your water meter. The standard is 45 to 60 pounds per square inch for the pressure. During installation, this is set; however, a malfunction can occur and needs to be corrected by a plumber. 
  • Check your plumbing fixtures valves. A closed or partially closed valve will restrict water flow, thus reducing water pressure. Ensure valves are entirely open. 
  • Leaking pipes will not only waste water but reduce water pressure. The easiest way to search for a leak is to turn off all water outlets and check the water meter. Wait a few hours and return to the water meter. If there is an increased usage, you may have a leak. 
  • Be aware of when you use water. If you shower in the morning when many others do, there could be a drop in water pressure throughout your neighborhood. 
  • A plumber can detect a buildup of mineral deposits in your pipes. Minerals will restrict water flow in the pipes reducing water pressure. 

If these five steps still do not increase your shower’s water pressure, investing in a water-saving showerhead will save you money and increase water pressure.  

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