How DFW Cities Rank Among the ‘Most Caring Cities’ in the United States

WalletHub Study Ranks Most Caring Cities in the U.S.
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Dallas has a long way to go when it comes to caring for its residents, according to a new WalletHub study ranking the Most Caring Cities in the U.S.

“Being more caring would help the city’s economy by lowering its poverty rate and integrating vulnerable people in the community who can, in turn, get jobs and contribute financially,” said Jill Gonzalez, a WalletHub analyst.

Out of 100 cities, Dallas landed at No. 86 this year for the Most Caring Cities in 2021, compared to No. 84 last year and No. 81 in 2019.

“Given that Dallas has always ranked among the bottom cities, we can’t really say there was anything that surprised us about its position,” Gonzalez told Dallas Express. “Caring is important because it means having a connection with others and being concerned for their wellbeing. A city whose residents are more caring tend to have safer, more thriving communities.”

Dallas ranked low because it has the second-highest uninsured rate and one of the lowest number of residents who work in community and social services per capita, according to WalletHub data.

“The average Dallas resident can be more caring and compassionate towards the community they live in, and especially look out for the wellbeing of the vulnerable people in the community, whether they are children or adults,” Gonzalez said in an interview.

At No. 25, Plano outranked Dallas in several categories, including a low poverty rate both for children and adults, at 8% and 6%, respectively, and the disability-friendliness of its employers.

“Plano has a low violent crime rate, a low pedestrian fatality rate, and ranks high in terms of food and clothing distribution to the needy,” Gonzalez said.

The areas in which Dallas outperformed included food and clothing distribution to the needy and Google search interest in charitable donations.

“Dallas also had a large share of residents who fundraise or sell items to raise money, over 25%, a large number of rehabilitation centers per capita and ranked in the top 20 for care for the environment,” Gonzalez said.

Overall, Madison, Wisconsin, Boston, and New York are the most caring cities in the United States because of their low number of driving fatalities per capita, a large amount of online donations, and a large share of sheltered homeless persons.

“These top three cities also have low uninsured rates and ranked high in terms of teachers’ care for students’ wellbeing,” Gonzalez said. “Dallas would need to have a lower traffic fatality rate, higher civic engagement, more online donations, a higher vaccination rate, more pet shelters and rescue services per capita, a higher degree of disability friendliness, a lower uninsured rate, more nurses and paramedics per capita, and a lower pupil-teacher ratio to catch up with Madison.”

Irving ranked at No. 57, followed by Garland at No. 65, Fort Worth at No. 66, and Arlington at No. 69.

“Arlington, Garland, Fort Worth, and Irving outranked Dallas in several categories, including crime rate, driving fatalities per capita, pedestrian fatality rate, child and adult poverty rate, disability friendliness of employers, uninsured rate, and teachers’ and counselors’ care for students’ wellbeing,” Gonzalez added.

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