Moving to a new city with few contacts can be isolating, but a new “Hot Girl” community is growing and helping those looking for new connections.

Recent Texas A&M graduate Kylie Harris moved to Dallas from Austin, and during a scrolling session, she stumbled upon a TikTok using the hashtag “Hot Girl Walk.” The video showcased a woman who said she had lost weight and gained mental clarity from her daily walks.

Inspired by the video, Harris posted her own TikTok video inviting others to Katy Trail for a walk.

“I thought it would just be me and my friends,” Harris told WFAA. “I honestly didn’t think anyone would show up.”

People did show up, though. About 40 women joined Harris and her friends on that first walk.

Harris shared a video from the walk the following week and invited more people to join in.

“We had 150 girls, almost a 100-plus increase from last time,” Harris said.

The trend spread on social media, and by the third week, Harris had over 200 girls show up for the “Hot Girl” walk.

“I love just seeing the laughing and the smiles on people’s faces and the exchanging of numbers and trying to wrap my head around the fact that every single table had a mix of girls that came together and girls that didn’t come together,” Harris said.

The group enjoys a 45-minute stroll with their dogs, babies, and other friends and then continues to mingle over drinks at the Katy Trail Ice House.

“If you looked from a distance, you’d have had no idea that these girls were strangers an hour ago,” stated Harris.

The club meets every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in Dallas.

Harris said they would switch off meeting at The Grove at Harwood and Katy Trail Ice House.

Those interested can follow the group on Instagram (@dallashotgirlwalkingclub) or follow Kylie Harris on TikTok (@kylieharris) for meeting times and updates.