Horrible First Date Locations List Goes Viral

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The anticipation of a first date can evoke a multitude of emotions, ranging from excitement to anxiety, especially when the location of the date is unfamiliar or unappealing.

A survey by @DuvalPromo on Instagram revealed that women have certain expectations for first-date locations that some men seem to fail to meet. Such expectations may vary, but women find certain places unacceptable for a first date, as reported by Fox 4 KDFW.

Women identified 28 places they would “absolutely refuse” to consider going to on a first date under any circumstances, according to the recent survey, with the top three purported spots being The Cheesecake Factory, Applebee’s, and Chili’s.

Fast-food chains were among the top choices for first-date venues likely to put off potential partners. The survey revealed that other places like movie theaters, churches, bowling alleys, and sports events were also considered undesirable.

The survey sparked a widespread and intense conversation among commenters, which gained rapid momentum and drew in thousands of responses. The discussion delved into various aspects of the survey’s findings and raised a multitude of questions and opinions.

Some celebrities even weighed in on the viral debate. Sports commentator Stephen A. Smith asked, “Ladies, what IS an acceptable first date??”

“CHURCH is on this list, but a gentleman’s club is acceptable???” added social media influencer and actor G Wayne.

“WHERE is the LIST of NAMES (&PICS) of the women who made THIS LIST?? NOBODY SEEMS TO KNOW WHO THESE WOMEN ARE,” posted comedian Dave Martin.

Care to weigh in with your opinion? Check out the full list below

  1. The Cheesecake Factory
  2. Applebee’s
  3. Chili’s
  4. Chipotle
  5. Olive Garden
  6. Movie theater
  7. Your house
  8. Any fast-food chain
  9. Buffalo Wild Wings
  10. Wingstop
  11. Red Lobster
  12. Any buffet
  13. IHOP
  14. Denny’s
  15. A gym
  16. Church
  17. Starbucks
  18. Coffee shop
  19. Ice cream shop
  20. Family function
  21. Movie night (Netflix, Hulu, etc)
  22. Somewhere that requires a long drive
  23. Bowling
  24. Night clubs
  25. Hookah bar
  26. Bar just for drinks
  27. Waffle House
  28. Sports events

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