Folk-Chic Bar Wriggly Tin Opens in Fair Park

Wriggly Tin
Wriggly Tin | Image by Wriggly Tin/Instagram

An innovative new bar and eatery just opened up near Dallas’ Fair Park, serving up some mouth-watering bites and exclusive brews.

Wriggly Tin celebrated its grand opening on November 1, welcoming guests for the first time into its fresh and modern location tucked within a Quonset hut at 1906 South Haskell Ave.

The self-described “folk cosmopolitan” beer, cocktail, and pizza joint is the brainchild of Jacob Boger, the CEO, and Aaron Garcia, a brewer and co-owner of Small Beer Works.

“Most of it, we’ve done ourselves,” Boger told The Dallas Morning News, referring to the two-year project to transform what used to be a mechanic’s garage and a Cajun fried turkey shop into an inviting space.

“It’s been a labor of love. Emphasis on labor,” Boger added.

Shaped in a semi-circle, Wriggly Tin showcases dynamic shades of coral, yellow, and turquoise, as well as a turfed patio able to seat 150 people. Garcia crafted the large black walnut table standing in the middle of the bar, as well as the tabletops and door handles.

“If you walk around the space you’ll see small trinkets and art from around the world. Nothing fancy. It’s the kind of stuff you’d see in your grandma’s house,” a press release said.

Boger and Garcia’s attention to detail carries over into the establishment’s food and drink offerings.

It is the only bar to offer pours from Small Beer Works, with five brews available always on tap.

  • Hart, a crisp, clean German helles lager.
  • Black Pepper Pils, an aromatic twist on a classic pilsner.
  • Underdog American IPA, a classically balanced IPA.
  • Ojo Moro, a sweet and nutty dark lager inspired by Mexican, Czech, and Texan flavors.
  • Bijou, a tropical beer cocktail with cherry and lime accents. 

If beer isn’t your thing, a selection of innovative cocktails is also available, featuring, for instance, the Beach Please, concocted with vodka and coconut water, and the Tin Hat, devised of tequila, mezcal, jalapeno juice, pineapple juice, and more.

While these drinks are sure to set your taste buds alight, don’t forget to throw in some food.

The menu at Wriggly Tin is purposefully simple, featuring options of just two appetizers, eight pizzas, three sandwiches, two salads, and a standout dessert — the brown butter chocolate chip cookie with walnuts.

The pizzas are made of sourdough and the sandwiches are made of focaccia bread, both of which are whipped up in-house by executive chef Desmon “Dez” Coleman. Coleman formerly made pizzas at the Hustle Town’s pop-ups held inside a brewery in Grapevine.

The team is paid a minimum of $15 an hour due to Boger finding the American model of tipping a disadvantage to customers and employees alike.

As previously covered in The Dallas Express, this novel approach is sure to please customers, with Americans showing increasingly more tip fatigue. For instance, a survey from Bankrate recently found that 41% of respondents felt businesses ought to pay their employees a high enough wage that would make tipping unnecessary.

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