Family Turns Son’s Memorial into Art Exhibit

School photo of Nico Escalante. | Image from Escalante Family.

A family in Grand Prairie turned the memorial of their 9-year-old son, who was fatally hit by a car, into an art show.

Nico Escalante, 9, was struck by a car in a private lot in the 2600 block of Mayfield Road on Saturday, Sept. 11. Grand Prairie police said he was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Friends and family of Nico gathered on Saturday, Oct. 2, for his memorial service, which his family organized as an art show displaying the 9-year-old’s artwork.

Nico’s mother, Fernanda Sedeno, said the family has been gathering all his work. She said the family collected over 150 pieces of his work since his death. The family used those works to honor him by turning his memorial into a solo art gallery.

She added that some of the pieces were done on sketch pads, notepads, and post-its, while some of his artworks were even in the fridge.

“When we went through his room, we realized he had a stash under his mattress,” Sedeno said.

She said the family was brought to tears because they could not see how talented his works were until his death.

“They were very creative, and he knew what he was doing,” Sedeno added.

Sedeno said it brought the family comfort and peace that people who did not meet him would be able to leave the memorial with a “bit of him.” Sedeno revealed that Nico had always wanted an art gallery of his own.

Nico’s art teacher, Todd Dubblede, was among the guests who attended his funeral. Dubblede said Nico had something more than average and that his art reflects joy and light.

“He would not be happy with any tears today. So, we are celebrating his art,” Dubblede said.

Jesus Escalante, Nico’s father, said his son would be remembered for much more than his creativity and artistic talent.

Nico’s family said all the proceeds from his artwork display would be donated to his elementary school in his name.

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