What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever found while on vacation?

Texas beaches, for instance, can often harbor bizarre discoveries amidst the waves and sands. Unexpected relics might surface, such as antique coins or fragments of old shipwrecks in the gulf, sparking imaginations with tales of the past or evoking the Pirates of the Caribbean movies among more pop-culture savvy beachgoers.

But what if you stumble across something a little older? Like, A LOT older, from before there were even humans in the Western Hemisphere.

A Florida family had the experience of a lifetime while on vacation in South Carolina. Here’s a bit of what Fox 35 Orlando reported on the find:

“The discovery of a monster’s rare tooth, not seen in millions of years, was made last weekend in South Carolina. A family from Florida unearthed the exciting find – a massive 6.5-inch megalodon tooth – during a fossil hunting expedition.

“Paul Columbia and his family of four from Largo, Florida share a passion for hunting and collecting shark teeth, particularly in their home state. So when they traveled to Summerville, South Carolina, on Saturday for their 12-year-old son’s baseball tournament, it made perfect sense to plan a shark tooth-hunting trip with Palmetto Fossil Excursions. The company specializes in guiding people from around the world on fossil-hunting adventures in the greater Charleston area.”

To read more about the family’s discovery, please click HERE.