Discover the Beginnings of the California Roll

California Roll
California Rolls | Image by The Image Party/Shutterstock

Arguably the most renowned sushi roll of them all, the California roll has been the “bread and butter” to most sushi bars. NBC 5 DFW reports on the history of the roll:

“For many Americans, a California roll is their first foray into the world of sushi. Purists however have derided the fusion food as “not real sushi” — but to put it bluntly: the roll gets a bad wrap.

“The California roll as it’s known today is made with a few common ingredients: avocado, cucumber and crabmeat (or imitation crabmeat) which come wrapped in seaweed and sushi rice. Sometimes finished with sesame seeds, these ingredients make a roll that has become widespread. But where did it originally come from?

“Its history is a little murky: a few culinary minds have claimed credit for the West-influenced dish. Still, one thing is true: California rolls are here to stay.”

To read the full NBC 5 DFW article, click HERE.

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