Dallas Zoo Welcomes Newborn Sumatran Tiger Cub

Credit: Dallas Zoo / Facebook

Dallas Zoo has announced that a Sumatran tiger cub was born in the zoo last month. The zoo says the birth of the tiger cub represented a monumental win for the critically endangered species.  

On Tuesday, the zoo announced that the tiger cub named Sumini was born on Aug. 2 to parents Sukacita and Kuasa. Sumini is named after a group of female rangers who dedicate themselves to protecting the endangered species in the forests of Indonesia. 

Sumini became the first tiger cub to be born in the Dallas Zoo since 1948. She weighed two pounds at birth.  

According to the zoo, the first few weeks of Sumini’s life were very challenging. Caretakers discovered that Suki, Sumini’s mother, was not producing enough milk. The discovery prompted the intervention of staff members who are now hand-raising the cub. 

“While hand-rearing is not ideal, we know this was the right move for both the cub and for Suki,” the zoo said on Facebook. “Our zoologists, veterinarians, and nutrition staff are working around the clock and in constant contact with the species survival plan to monitor her development and ensure she is getting the best care possible.” 

The zoo said Sumini is currently thriving and will remain behind the scenes for now. No date has been given for when she will be on public display. 

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