Dallas Shop Creates Unique Pots for Plants

Photo from Pita's Planters.

Pita’s Planters is a small shop located in Dallas, Texas. The goal stated on their website is to “create a high-quality yet personal product, so we make sure that every single one of our pieces is carefully hand-poured, sanded, painted, and sealed with tons of love.”

They do more than just create pots. Pita’s Planters aims to bring attention to mental health as well as showing others how to be more eco-friendly. They reuse recycled materials to make a portion of their products.

“We are also fully committed to helping make our world a greener and more eco-friendly place,” the owner said. “We are want to do this by being mindful about the way we create our products–and increasing more awareness about climate change. You can help us become more eco-friendly by recycling the paper bags that we use to wrap your planters! Together, we can make a difference starting in our very own community.”

The owner says on her about page that her dream is to be a neuroscientist. She says she has a passion for not only plants but science as well. In addition to running the shop, she is also in graduate school. As of right now, she is halfway done with her first year year. Her goal after she becomes a neuroscientist is to study the human brain and mental illness. She wants to make waves in the neuroscience community while running her small business.

Some of her categories for plants include pet-friendly plants, potters, and pieces of artwork depicting flowers. Some of her pots are small with encouraging sayings on them, such as “you go girl.” Others are large and colorful.

The owner’s love for plants came about when she was young. She recalls that she had a difficult time dealing with mental illness issues such as anxiety and panic attacks in her youth. During this, though, one of the things there for her every step of the way was greenery.

“I learned to slow down and appreciate the little things in life,” she said. “I learned to make time for the things that I love. And most importantly, I learned to focus on the present, and not dwell on the past.”

The experience inspired her to start her own small business. With her partner’s support, she began Pita’s Planters. The owner is very community-oriented; she wants to use plants to bring everyone together and remind them of friendship and unity.

“We all struggle at one point or another, we’re human, but I want my products to be a little reminder that you’re never alone and that there is a community filled with love and support cheering you on,” she said.

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