Dallas Museum Challenges Your Brain

Image from Dallas Museum of Illusions

The Dallas Museum of Illusions is an enigma for the mind. If you ever get bored of the typical art or history museum, give this one a go. They say, “Our mission is to enable fun and engaging opportunities combined with innovative educational experiences. With over 80 exhibits [such] as optical illusions, holograms, installations, and interactive illusion rooms, the Museum of Illusions provides unique and tailored experiences for individuals, families, schools, and other groups. Whether you’re a child, student, educator, family, young or old, the Museum offers an intriguing visual, sensory and proprioceptive experience.”

Their Museum boasts eighty interactive exhibits, making it packed full of family fun. One of the features of the Museum is called the Smart Playroom. The Smart Playroom has something for everyone. It is designed with everyone in mind, such as age, mental ability, and creativity level. They say that the Smart Playroom is a safe place to have fun and let creativity take control for a while. It has generously combined complicated strategy games with basic brain teasers to create an experience that nearly every visitor will enjoy.

Included in the Smart Playroom is the dilemma game room. This exhibit contains different strategy puzzles, brainteasers, memory activities, math games, knots, and more.

One of the main attractions is called the Vortex Tunnel. They describe it as an “immersive illusion,” saying that it will be unlike anything you have tried before. “Join us in the immersive illusion of our Vortex tunnel. Crossing this tunnel will both be one of the most interesting illusions you’ve ever experienced – and the hardest! Are you up for the challenge?”

The Vortex Tunnel is not for anyone who easily gets lightheaded, though. You’ll feel like you’re in an amusement park’s House of Mirrors when you enter the vortex.

In the same vein, one of the other rooms they have is called the Infinity Room. The Infinity Room is filled with mirrors from top to bottom and side to side. What makes it unique, though, is that it’s filled with space decor. With the combination of the mirror and space decor, it’s made to make you feel like you’re endlessly drifting through the dimensions of space. Their website lists twenty different prominent attractions, including the previously mentioned two.

They also have a Smart Shop. The Smart Shop is available to anyone who has had so much fun that they want to bring the museum home with them. It is essentially a gift shop that offers over eighty different playable take-home souvenirs like wooden puzzles, challenges, building blocks, and educational toys.

If you’ve ever wanted to put your mind to the test and have some fun tricking your brain, the Dallas Museum of Illusions is the place to do it. Tickets cost nineteen dollars per adult, fifteen per child (ages five to twelve), and children under five are free. They also have some family pass deals available that you can check out on their website: https://moidallas.com/

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