The Dallas Hearing Foundation aims to give those with hearing difficulties the help that they deserve. While a hearing problem might not be something that can be solved directly with medicine, the Dallas Hearing Foundation offers surgeries, therapies, and other resources for those in need.

According to their website, “The foundation’s mission is to provide medical and surgical treatment, hearing technologies, speech and hearing rehabilitation, and educational support to those who are in financial need. Today’s revolutionary technologies, such as digital hearing aids, cochlear implants, and auditory-verbal therapy, make a hearing-speaking life and higher quality education available to many deaf children and adults. Our specialized team consists of an otologic surgeon, audiologists, a speech-language pathologist, an educational consultant, and a psychologist. We serve people of all colors, creeds, and nations of origin.”

The foundation knows that poor hearing does not discriminate, so neither do they.

The Dallas Hearing Foundation says that each person’s program is individually tailored, with their needs, medical issues, and lifestyle in mind. They look at each individual’s skills, potential, and goals, as they formulate a personal plan from there. The foundation claims that it has a one-of-a-kind program that public schools cannot offer.

One of their main concerns is that hard-of-hearing children may not be receiving the same educational opportunities that their classmates do because of their setbacks when it comes to hearing. Where the school system cannot help, The Dallas Hearing Foundation comes in. The foundation focuses on readying the children to be in a regular public school with other children.

The foundation also monitors new studies as they continue to provide individualized support. They say, “a respected government study has shown that upon graduation from high school, many students from public deaf education programs enter adulthood minimally employable with an average 3rd-grade reading level, and ineffective oral and writing skills. In contrast, numerous studies have demonstrated the superior outcomes of students who receive modern hearing aids or cochlear implants combined with auditory-verbal therapy.”

The Dallas Hearing Foundation helps to supply necessary medical expenses of many different types can be too much for the family to handle. Thanks to public donations, they can help those who suffer from hearing loss achieve the great things they are capable of without the barrier of being hard of hearing.

Donations are all tax-deductible and go to medical needs like hearing aids, implants, and other services. There is also the option of directly mailing hearing aids to the foundation’s address in Dallas, Texas.

You can find more information at their website: