Dallas Couple Cancels Wedding for Third Time

Mindy McRae and Alex Broadbent’s private wedding with a local minister as officiator.

A Dallas couple has canceled their wedding for the third time after Hurricane Ida prevented them from going on with the wedding plans.

Mindy McRae and Alex Broadbent are two Dallas residents whose wedding had been canceled twice last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They were hoping they would finally move forward with their wedding plans this weekend as they gathered with family and friends in New Orleans.

The couple hoped this would be a case of third time lucky, but Hurricane Ida had other plans for the couple. The storm proved costly for the couple, who had to cancel their wedding plans as a result.

“We had a big welcome party on Friday evening, which went spectacular. You know the weather was amazing,” said Broadbent.

The weather soon took a turn for the worse, however. Plans were made to have the event moved up to early afternoon. However, it became apparent that the event could not be held as the hurricane approached.

“People were leaving, people were leaving, and they weren’t staying, and they were worried, and they were scared we kind of had to really look at canceling the event,” Broadbent added.

The Dallas couple decided they would get married in private with a local minister officiating their wedding. The florist with whom they contracted for their big event sent them photos of what their arrangement would have looked like. The images are all the couple had for a wedding album. The couple also celebrated their honeymoon in the hotel whose power had been cut due to the storm.

“It could be a day, it could be two days, we’re not really sure when the power is coming back on,” said McRae. “It doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t matter. Life goes on, and that’s the way we feel we’ve got each other.”

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