Construction Begins on The LOOP Trail System

Image from The LOOP Dallas

Construction has finally begun on The LOOP. In 2018, the Dallas City Council unanimously approved the Circuit Trail Conservancy and the City’s partnership to create a comprehensive, alternative transportation solution. For years, the innovative transportation plan has been in the works.

As of last week, the conservancy began its work at the Trinity Forest Spine Trail, officially beginning the journey towards a more connected Dallas. According to The LOOP’s website, “the 7.5-mile Spine Trail segment will mean that, for the first time, residents south of Interstate 30 won’t have to use a car to get out of our neighborhoods.”

The LOOP will join 39 miles of existing trails in Dallas with 11 newly constructed trails with the hopes of increasing residents’ access to green space, public transportation, and walkable and bikeable trails. According to the LOOP’s website, the urban trail system will be a catalyst for economic opportunity and will make Dallas more pedestrian-friendly. It will also, according to the website, foster a sense of community by connecting different areas and neighborhoods via green space that is easy and exciting to use.

With so much of our time spent in our homes and at work, spending time in green space, i.e. forests, trails, gardens, can do a lot for our mental and physical health. Scientists assert that time spent in nature can reduce stress, facilitate quicker healing, improve concentration, and even decrease crime. Additionally, access to walkable trails can promote regular exercise, which improves mood and mental health.

Providing more trails and improving existing trails will allow isolated neighborhoods to access transportation hubs, boosting mobility and economic opportunities for residents of more isolated communities.

The LOOP has the potential to improve the well-being of Dallas residents in several ways. To stay updated on the trail system’s construction, visit The LOOP’s website or follow them on their Instagram @theloopdallas.

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