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Chasing Tails, the mobile vet service company serving Houston, Sugar Land and College Station, is proud to announce a new update of their Dog Euthanasia page.

It is always difficult to live through letting go and putting a dog “to sleep.” In fact, it certainly is the hardest thing that a pet owner may experience. Dog owners may choose euthanasia for several reasons, such as helping an elderly pet that is in pain, or ending the suffering of a younger pet that is diagnosed with an incurable disease. There could be few options when considering end-of-life services for a dog.

Many animal shelters offer dog euthanasia if owners are willing to allow a vet technician to be the last person the dog sees before passing. Vet clinics may let owners in the room, but it is not mandatory and it could create a stressful moment for the dog and the owner.

The mobile pet team at Chasing Tails offers pet euthanasia services directly at a residence, anywhere in College Station, Sugar Land and Houston. They can come directly to your house to examine your pet, and help you determine the best options.

“Saying goodbye to a pet is never easy,” said Dr. Brittany Marvel, DVM at ChasingTails. “We understand the turmoil an owner can go through deciding when and where to euthanize a beloved dog. Our mobile vet service can help ease the stress by providing the dog and family a peaceful transition at home. We offer the service in Sugar Land, Houston, and College Station Texas.”

The company offers all types of treatment for your pet, and we invite you to visit their website for more information on their other services: www.chasingtails.com

People who want to read more about the topic of dog euthanasia can follow this link: https://chasingtailsvet.com/dog-euthanasia/

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