Cake Bar Is Making Trinity Grove Sweeter Everyday

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Located in Trinity Grove is a wonderful bakery called cake Bar. There is a wide variety of delicious flavors of cakes, breads, ice creams, and more. All cakes are made from scratch in a traditional southern style. They have sixteen different flavors for their cakes ranging from classics like carrot and red velvet to new styles, such as Neapolitan. Strawberry cake is their most popular flavor and is what they are most known for above all else. Banana pudding and caramel cake are two recent additions to their catalog and are sure to be long-lasting symbols for years to come. Caramel Cake was added last Thanksgiving, along with many flavors of a poundcake like Spiced Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, and CranberryOrange.

The head chef is a long-time baker named Tracy German who trained in culinary school in Seattle. She’s originally from the south, born in Georgia so she knows how to make traditional southern baked goods. Tracy German says that “making food for people is a very personal thing, and it connects you to every person.” Her whole life she has always had a passion for baking. Her mother said about when Tracy was younger that“she didn’t need to follow a recipe, and if she did, she changed it to make it her own.”

Cake Bar has been making cakes for the people of Dallas, Texas for over fourteen years and plans to for a long time into the future. They only use fresh farm eggs and butter. All their cakes are preservative-free and have no soy or shorteners so they are guaranteed to have that authentic, healthy, and sweet taste that you love. Some of their specialty cakes are made in an old-fashion style such as their wedding cake and their chocolate cake. The cakes are butter-based, so they are super dense and moist. If you want to have a cake made, all you have to do is give a two-day advanced notification to have it specially made for you. If you are on short notice, just one piece of cake can be pre-ordered with only a day’s notice.

If you live near Trinity Grove and are looking for a fun baking job then they are also looking for new employees. Bakers and decorators who have a special hand in good cooking and nice design should be sure to apply online or in person. However, they don’t offer any gluten-free options so if you are unable to eat gluten or just trying to avoid it, then the Cake Bar might not be the right place for you. If you do not mind the gluten then the Cake Bar is a great small business stop in the Dallas Metro area. Perfect for birthdays, special occasions, or those with a sweet tooth.

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