Shatter the Stereotypes summit helps black men create extraordinary lives and cut through race and discrimination to find the keys to success. 

It is a personal development platform and social movement created specifically for men. This year’s edition is hosted by the author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker Coach Michael Taylor. They will break down stereotypes while supporting black men in creating a life they choose and defining a path to success. 

As racial tension due to police brutality and racism is constantly on the rise, black men are looking for hope and optimism in their quest to live the life they want. The summit will reveal the undeniable truth that anyone can live a successful life during 12 sessions available online. Discussions will focus on issues such as racism, discrimination, changing old mindsets, and finding the keys to success. 

Coach Michael Taylor, the host of this year’s edition, mentions: “Contrary to mainstream media, I believe black men are positioned to experience unprecedented levels of success in America. What has been missing is a resource that supports them in learning how to create extraordinary lives. This is the problem I am daring to solve with my Shatter the Stereotypes platform. It fills that unfilled need for black men.” 

Taylor is the author of nine books mainly talking about how we can change the roles of masculinity and manhood. He is an irrepressible optimist, and he expresses his passion for the impossible by writing and speaking at different events. He first dropped out of school, experienced divorce, bankruptcy, depression, being homeless, and even living out of his car for two entire years before achieving success. The summit will be based on his book Shattering Male Stereotypes – Eradicating the 10 most destructive media-generated illusions about black men. 

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