Beloved Mexican Restaurant To Make Comeback

Enchilada dinner | Image by Pulido’s Mexican Restaurant/Facebook

Many hearts were broken after Pulido’s Mexican Restaurant closed in October after 57 years in business, but a comeback is in the works for the popular establishment.

In December, Westland Restaurant Group announced in a press release that it had acquired Pulido’s Mexican Restaurant.

“We are excited to continue the legacy of Pulido’s Mexican Restaurant. Our aim is to preserve its essence, blending tradition with contemporary elements, as we’ve successfully done with other local favorites,” said Gigi Howell, Westland’s operating partner.

Bourke Harvey, managing partner at Westland, said, “Working closely with the Pulido family has been a privilege, and we have immense respect for the legacy they’ve built. We are committed to revitalizing Pulido’s, ensuring its storied past melds seamlessly with a dynamic future.”

Westland is now working on purchasing the properties from five of the restaurant’s previous 10 locations, including Eastland, Benbrook, Fort Worth, Cleburne, and Hurst, reported WFAA.

The group is focused on revamping the restaurant rather than changing it.

“It’s still gonna be Pulido’s,” Howell told WFAA. “We’re gonna show it the love it deserves.”

The restaurant will get a new coat of paint along with a new awning. The inside will have some remodeling completed to brighten up the space, but the indoor layout will remain the same, Howell told WFAA.

The menu will now include more drinks to go along with a newly built bar named “Papa Pulido’s Railyard Bar,” an ode to Pedro Pulido, who created the restaurant alongside his wife Dionicia. The original restaurant was close to a railyard, and Pedro and Dionicia would provide meals to the railyard employees. The refurbished restaurant will also feature pictures of the family throughout.

“I feel just a great sense of pride and a great deal of responsibility, and I hope we can make everybody proud, especially the family,” Howell told WFAA.

The goal is to re-open the Fort Worth location in late April, Howell told WFAA.

Westland Restaurant Group has also been involved with JD’s Hamburgers, Margie’s Italian Gardens, and West Side Cafe, according to the press release.

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