Athlete Climbs Eiffel Tower, Breaks Record

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PARIS, FRANCE - APRIL 10: Athlete and Olympics torch bearer Anouk Garnier climbs a 110-meter-long rope in the center of the Eiffel Tower to reach the 2nd floor and to break the world record for rope climbing on April 10, 2024 in Paris, France. An elite athlete in obstacle courses for more than 8 years, Anouk Garnier has a track record of more than 25 international podiums. The success of this feat, entitled Eiffel Tower Monumental 100, makes it possible to set a new world record for men and women combined, but also the opportunity to collect donations for the benefit of the League Against Cancer. | Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images

A French athlete has etched her name into the sports history archives by conquering the world rope climbing record at the iconic Eiffel Tower.

On Wednesday, 35-year-old Anouk Garnier ascended a staggering 110 meters in a mere 18 minutes, pulling herself to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower and surpassing the previous record.

Garnier’s climb wasn’t merely a display of bare-handed physical prowess but a testament to her commitment to a more significant cause. Garnier’s climb was a charity fundraiser to help raise awareness for cancer prevention and support, inspired by her mother, reported Yahoo Sports.

“My mother has cancer and it was important for me to surpass my limits for a good cause close to my heart, to help cancer research,” Garnier said. All raised funds will be donated to France’s League Against Cancer.

The impact of Garnier’s achievement becomes even more apparent when considering the illustrious predecessors in rope climbing. The previous record, held by South African athlete Thomas Van Tonder, stood at 90 meters, set amidst the towering Soweto Towers in Johannesburg in 2020.

For female climbers, the benchmark was previously set by Danish athlete Ida Mathilde Steensgaard, who scaled 26 meters at the Copenhagen Opera House in 2022.

While Garnier’s record-breaking climb has secured her a place in history, her journey in rope climbing is a relatively recent endeavor. In 2022, following her victory in the world obstacle course championship for her age category, Garnier sought a new challenge and found herself drawn to the world of rope climbing. Inspired by the success of Steensgaard, Garnier embarked on a quest for greatness, culminating in her extraordinary achievement at the Eiffel Tower, according to The Guardian.

Garnier’s website showcases that she is also a public speaker, obstacle course champion, coach, and trainer with over 13 years of experience in the fitness industry. Garnier’s ambitions extend far beyond her latest accomplishment and include her upcoming role as the bearer of the Olympic torch in Marseille this May.

To make a donation towards France’s League Against Cancer, visit their official website at www.ligue-cancer.net.

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