Andrew and Lyndsey Search for Mystery Couple from Their First Date

Andrew Murray and Lyndsey Luther in Search for Mystery Couple
First picture that Andrew Murray and Lyndsey Luther ever took together. | Image by Lyndsey Luther

Andrew Murray and Lyndsey Luther, who plan to wed in April, began their love story with a first date in 2019. There, they met a mystery couple who snapped a picture of their first night together as a memory to keep if the two ever married.

Now Andrew and Lyndsey hope to find the mystery couple — to invite them to their wedding.

Luther reflected on the night and said to WFAA news, “Like, who knew from that one night what was going to happen with us? If we find these people and they end up coming to our wedding, that would be really crazy and cool.” 

After connecting on Match.com, the pair decided on the former NYLO Hotel, now known as Canvas Hotel, for their first dinner date.

Due to some crowding on the hotel’s rooftop, they found themselves sitting next to another couple on a couch. Murray, Luther’s fiancé, recounted the occasion, “We just asked them if we could share the couch with them.”

Both individuals from the mystery duo asked different times that night if it was the couple’s first date and how long they had been together.

Luther said, “I told her we were. She could tell, then wished us luck and moved on.” 

Once the man asked, Murray decided to take a different approach. His fiancé recited, “Without skipping a beat, Andrew said, ‘Yes, we have been married two years, oh actually almost three in October! We live down the street, and we don’t have any children yet, but we do have two dogs.’ Even though my jaw dropped, I went along with the joke the best I could.”

Murray’s charade was outed when the woman from the couple revealed that it was their first date. “When this man’s wife came back, he started to tell her about our conversation, and she said, ‘What? No! This is their first date; they just met here tonight!'”

That’s when Murray and Luther took a photo to remember the night. “We all thought it was hilarious, and then the guy took our picture and said, ‘in case you ever do get married, this will be a photo you can both look back on and laugh about,'” he said. 

Since posting about the night on Reddit, the two have gained much attention but may find it difficult to find their mystery ‘friends’ due to not recollecting much from the night. “They were light-skinned, probably in their mid to late 40s, he had brown hair, she had blonde hair. That’s the most we can remember, and it would be impossible to spot them–we’re just hoping they see this story,” Luther said.

If the mystery couple is found, “It would be so cool to have them there,” Luther reiterated.

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