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KiddiKutter Knives Provide Families with Safe and Secure Kitchen Fun

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Photo courtesy of kiddikutter.com.au

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Getting your kids to become familiar with the kitchen is important. It is a skill that is essential in life and teaches them to think about problems, solve mathematical equations, and be creative. On top of that, they will love having the fruits of their labor to enjoy at snack time! 

Children are very curious by nature, as Australia-based Maria Georgiou knows from experience. When her 3-year-old son with dyspraxia (clumsy child syndrome) asked her permission to help him cook, she did not want to give him a knife out of fear that he would hurt himself. 

She then decided to design and produce a knife suitable for her son’s condition, as well as for children of all ages. The KiddiKutter allowed her son to give her a hand in the kitchen while remaining safe when handling a knife. 

She has since discovered the many benefits of taking her children to the kitchen with her and involving them in the preparation of certain dishes and meals. 

Cooking and baking teach children problem-solving: They can be pushed to think and use simple calculations. Following a recipe is a very good exercise because it requires them to be organized, to follow one step after the other, to listen to directions, and to understand how cause and effect works. 

The KiddiKutter has received several awards, including the Winning Gold and Silver in New York and the Winning Gold in Australia. 

The shop features two KiddKutter designs, aprons, knife sets, and child-friendly reusable straws. It also has a Soother Safe silicon dummy holder to keep children’s dummies safe. 

According to the site, the KiddiKutter knives “have a certified food-safe coated stainless-steel blade with rounded teeth that cuts food, not fingers.” It is BPA-free. 

For more information on the company and what they provide, you can follow the link here. 

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