Forty percent of states across the country have adopted some form of legislation prohibiting minors from undergoing sex alteration surgeries and procedures.

During its most recent regular legislative session, Texas joined the growing number of American jurisdictions to ban such medical practices, as reported by The Dallas Express.

As of June 1, a total of 20 states have restricted those under the age of 18 from receiving transgender hormones or surgeries to change their sexual characteristics, according to data from the Human Rights Campaign. An additional seven states are considering passing similar laws.

Texas, however, represents the largest political entity in the United States to do so.

Anti-child sex alteration advocates have for years argued that there is a lack of medical support for such treatments, highlighting the irreversible nature of the operations.

Andrew Brown, the associate vice president of policy for the Texas Public Policy Foundation, said to The Dallas Express, “There remains no clear and conclusive evidence that blocking puberty, administering cross-sex hormones, or, least of all, performing irreversible surgical procedures help children overcome gender dysphoria.”

“There is, however, emerging research that shows significant and potentially irreparable damage to children that are given these treatments,” he claimed. “Texas, along with a growing number of states, responded to the medical evidence and enacted effective and compassionate legislation to safeguard the health and well-being of children.”

The push to restrict such operations had been percolating in the Lone Star State for several years, and now-impeached Attorney General Ken Paxton ruled in 2022 that performing sex-altering surgeries on and administering transgender hormones to minors constitutes child abuse under Texas law.

Still, many LGBTQ advocacy organizations have denounced Texas and other states for banning sex-altering procedures, claiming that limiting such practices puts some children at greater risk of suicide, among other detriments.

Violet Lhant, the public education and research coordinator for the Human Rights Campaign, claimed in Equality Magazine, “Every credible medical organization — representing over 1.3 million doctors in the United States — calls for age-appropriate, gender-affirming care for transgender and non-binary people.”

She went on to allege that “extremist” politicians were riling up parts of their base in an attempt to spread “transphobic rhetoric from their platforms” and advance regulatory legislation that would affect hospitals and “gender-affirming care providers.”

“We must state clearly that it is impossible to be compassionate toward transgender and gender non-conforming youth while advocating for bans on gender-affirming care,” Lhant argued.

Despite opposition, recent national polls have indicated that the majority of U.S. voters support laws to prevent children from receiving sex alteration surgeries, as reported by The Dallas Express.

Brady Gray, president of Texas Family Project, said in an email to The Dallas Express, “It is sad that we must pass legislation to prevent parents and other adults from mutilating children. Nevertheless, Texas Family Project celebrates the victories of SB14 and other key legislation defending Texas kids.”

“While we are proud of these steps in the right direction, this fight is far from over,” he added. “The left has declared war on the family and their number one target is our children.”