Texas resident Marcus Wentrcek and his company Zero Sugar Brands have developed what he says is the world’s first sugar-free granola bar.

The local Plano-based company, an offshoot of The Amazing Dip Company, specializes in sugar-free granola, cheese dips, yogurt dog treats, and gluten-free cheesecake and dessert bars.

The company’s latest product was designed to be gluten-free, dairy-free, low in carbs, and suitable for those on a keto, paleo, or diabetic diet.

Wentrcek, founder and CEO of Zero Sugar Brands, told The Dallas Express that he started the company after discovering that sugar was behind his struggle with his weight.

“So I was probably hitting 100 grams of sugar, thinking I’m eating healthy. And, after a couple of months, I’m like, all right, there’s something wrong here,” said Wentrcek. “I did the math and realized, oh, here’s my problem: sugar again.”

Medical research has found that “diets high in added sugar promote the development of obesity,” noting that Americans consume more than 300% of the daily recommended amount.

The American Heart Association has recommended that a person’s daily added sugar intake should only represent about 6% of his daily caloric intake. For American men, this is about 9 teaspoons per day, and for women, about 6.

Wentrcek endeavored to create products with zero added sugar. He said it took him and his partners about three years of research and development before settling on the “perfect mixture” that met their dual goals of zero added sugar and good taste.

Wentrcek compared the sugar content of the cinnamon vanilla-flavored granola bar — 0 grams of added sugar — to the sugar content of a Snickers bar, which has 29 grams of added sugar — the equivalent of 7 teaspoons.

The product is currently only available on Amazon and only in one flavor. Still, Wentrcek hopes it will soon be available “everywhere,” noting that more flavors are in development.

Now that the company has succeeded in creating the sugar-free granola bar, Wentrcek hopes it will continue innovating and developing more healthy products.

“‘Sugar-free can be good’ is the new motto, and I wanna be on the forefront of it,” said Wentrcek.